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SEXXI Issue 8


It's finally back after a looong absence. The SEXXI magazine is now fully in 3Dx and available on Patreon. It's the biggest issue ever: More pages, more models, more sex!

Luisa B. (3) Release Poster

Blind Trust

This is part 3 of the original erotic drama "Luisa B."! The episode it called "Blind Trust" and it is moister than ever.

Chathouse 3D banner

Chathouse 3D

Chathouse is the new big game by thriXXX. It's a Virtual Sex World where you can meet friends and strangers in a nice 3D surrounding and have some porn action together. Join the continuously growing community in the Chathouse!

Luisa B. Poster

Luisa B. Best Friends

The sexiest architect of the world has been transformed into high-polygon 3D! Don't miss the new 'Dreams of Luisa' episode, join Luisa3D.com for free!

High Quality Newd Pixels!

Here on x-sim.com you'll find links to some of the greatest virtual sex stories and 3D nude art sites on the internet. Get the hottest pics and finest erotic comics that were made with the fantastic porn simulation software "3D SexVilla 2", the sex game market leader.

There's only unique content on this site, no tricks, no traps. x-sim.com heavily supports the pron (.)(.) art of mxm-studios.com, one of the best creators out there. Enjoy ;)

Luisa B. Part 2 Release Poster

Luisa B. Morning Fever

Part 2 of the stunning 3Dx comic series "Luisa B." (formerly known as Dreams of Luisa) has been released! Join Luisa3D.com and enjoy "Morning Fever" for free... as well as many other features.

SEXXI - Dreams of Luisa Special Edition Download

Special Edition!

SEXXI magazine came up with a double sized Special Edition, dedicated to the Dreams of Luisa erotic story! A MUST, not only for Luisa fans. Click on the pic to download right here. Oder auf DEUTSCH: SEXXI DoL Sonderedition.

Luisa B. Free Erotic 3D Comic

Luisa B.

The famous Machinima Sex Story Dreams of Luisa is now Luisa B.! Check it out for free!

Demon Hunter PDF-Calendar 2014

Demon Hunter PDF Calendar '14

Enjoy Lady Laura Crest in this free download! The DH calendar 2014 features 13 beautifully erotic fanfiction motives. Get it on clublena.com.


Last year wasn't filled with too many new releases. But this January the long awaited SEXXI special edition has seen the light - and more to come! Check out mxm-studios.com for first hand news.

One thing that will really blow your mind is the announcement of "eraXXX". In this third era (after sims and sexvilla), the mxm models will transform into high resolution state-of-the-art 3D Models. More about it soon ;)

SEXXI 7 English PDF

SEXXI 7 feat. Julia

Finally SEXXI 7 is here! Click on the pic for a free download and visit SEXXIporn.com for more info. Germans please visit Sexvillafan for the German version.

Luisa and the Wicked Game

Luisa and the Wicked Game

Check out Luisa's latest episode on the official site and download the pdf for free. Germans, es gibt alle Geschichten auch auf deutsch.


SEXXI 6 with exotic Esha

The sixth issue of the Sexvilla Fan Magazine SEXXI is ready and waiting for you at SEXXIporn.com. It's free, like always.

Or, if you're from Germany, have a look at Sexvillafan.
Demon Hunter 2


"Laura Crest in the fangs of the harpy" was released on February 21/2013, like announced on mxm-studios.com. The erotic "Tomb Raider" fanart is available for free on clublena.com in both, English and German.

About 3D Sexvilla 2

Download the Original Sexvilla Trial for free and start playing with sexy 3D models. If you like the game, buy the full version online within a tick. Just buy sexcoins in the game's Sex Shop and purchase the basic addons. You can get more content packages later on, so you don't need to spend too much money at once. Start creating your own sex animations, poses, models and outfits like a Pro! You can even create porn movies with the sequencer and share it with the Sexvilla community. What are you waiting for? Sexvilla is the best porn game ever - try it now!

MXM December News!

mxm-studios.com just announced many hot things that are about to be released...

The next Dreams of Luisa Comic is going to be finished soon - and dreamsofluisa.com already shows a teaser poster! ready. Note that you'll find the old DoL Episodes now on Luisa3D.com

There's also a Demon Hunter Calendar 2014 in the making, as well as a couple of new stories for clublena.com. SEXXI 7 expected in February '14.

Have a nice December and look forward to "Luisa and the Wicked Game".


SEXXI 5 feat. Kaylee

Get SEXXI 5 now on SEXXIporn.com for free!

SEXXI is the world's only Sexvilla Fan Magazine. Probably the hottest PDF you have in your porn collection :)


Enjoy Kate in SEXXI 4

The SEXXI Magazine #4 is now available on SEXXIporn.com. Best newd pixels ever :)

SEXXI 3 - SexVilla Fanmagazin - Kostenloser Download

Kostenloser PDF-Download:

Alle Ausgaben des SEXXI Sexvilla Fanmagazins sind auch auf Deutsch erhältlich!

Natürlich auf der SV Fanseite SEXXIporn.com!

Clublena.com Calendar 2013

Club Lena Calendar 2013

Get the fine pixel nudes pdf calendar 2013! Available for free on clublena.com

Best Game ever!

While normal computer games quickly become outdated, 3D Sexvilla 2 guarantees you to have fun for many years. Because Sex never gets boring :) With the right content packs you can create your own models, poses, movies, everything. Just get the free trial and join the Villa! It's exciting ;)

SEXXI - das virtuelle Porno Magazin

SEXXI 1, feat. Brittany

Das geile SEXXI Mini-Pornoheft! Mit den Models von clublena.com! Exklusiv auf der englisch/deutschen SexVilla Fanseite SEXXIporn.com!

SEXXI 2 - virtual magazine - download free

Breana Kox in SEXXI 2

Die zweite Ausgabe von SEXXI! Ein geiler Knüller! Wie immer auf der englisch/deutschen SexVilla Fanseite SEXXIporn!

Explore the MXM universe of 3D sex!

For the hottest and most amazing virtual porn comic stories you should visit the free site clublena.com! It's absolutely stunning - made for lovers of classy erotica and sexy cyber babes.

Also don't miss to visit the blog of one of the most famous 3D-Sex storytellers, MaXsiM. Go to mxm-studios.com and look behind the scenes of clublena and Dreams of Luisa...

Dreams of Luisa

Dreams of Luisa - The White Angel

Dreams of Luisa once was an interactive (erotic) picture story made with "The Sims". But the creator MaXsiM left that mainstream game behind and came up with a new comic, entirely made with Sexvilla 2...

Note that Dreams of Luisa has recently transformed into Luisa B., available for free on Luisa3D.com

*What about 3D Sexvilla 3?

UPDATE: 2 years after the orginal comment there's still no (not even the tiniest) hint about Sexvilla 3. thriXXX is still only making updates for their Chathouse, which also has a single player mode now. Is this a sign that Chathouse is be turning into something like Sexvilla 3?

There are no official news about Sexvilla 3 at the moment (December '13).

ThriXXX spent the whole year to develop some new products, like 3D Gogo and 3D Chathouse Roulette. The latter is currently in Beta and has already won the Venus Award for best software innovation. Anyway, since the Sexvilla community doesn't like the Chathouse concept at all, hopes are high that thriXXX will concentrate on SV3 after the Chathouse release in early '14. Let's sit and wait ;)

Demon Hunter, featuring Laura Crest!

Demon Hunter is an erotic comic and fantasy sex adventure for adult Tomb Raider/Lara Croft Fans. Oops, did i say Tomb Raider? Well, Demon Hunter is probably the hottest Lara Croft porn homage if you want so. Just inofficial, Tomb Raider sex fandom ;) Only on clublena.com

Part 1 and Part 2 of "Laura Crest and the Temple of the Satyr" can be seen on clublena.com